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Love Never Fails

Years ago, there was a phrase that caught my attention in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. God is speaking to His people and He says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” I felt compelled to learn what this word, “everlasting” really meant. I studied it and cross-referenced it and didn’t really find […]


The Return of the Sons

I have borne scars by the will of God, And I have borne scars by the will of man. By His grace and the everlasting power that works within me, I have borne them and held fast to Love. There is a story written on my heart of a people scattered to the corners of […]


Hope for the Broken

Oh, as you’re running What hindered love Will only become part of the story. Baby, you’re almost home. (Steffany Gretzinger) She looked at him tentatively, shifting in her seat so she could face him head on. The passing clouds floated carelessly outside the small window beside him. Another plane passed, miles away. It looked like […]


My Trip to Sodom

I just spent a few days in Las Vegas with Paul for a convention. This was my second time there. I don’t mean to insult anyone who “loves” Vegas but, seriously, I feel like I need to have a two-hour bath in Holy Water to get the spiritual grime off.   True, there is some […]


What Makes a Warrior?

You can see them if you take the time to look. It doesn’t matter where you are; at the grocery store, in a bank lineup, or even sitting around your kitchen table. Take a second to see past the fog that perpetually surrounds the faceless forms we move around and past every day, just trying […]